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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Texas blow-out weekend

This past weekend was the highlight of a week-long party here in SA - Fiesta. Done to celebrate winning the Alamo and Texas' independence back from Mexico, it has evolved into a party so big that the city literally shuts down. They have a court of duchesses and princesses (none Latina, btw - strange in a town that's got such a strong Mexican influence) who wear these PHENOMENAL dresses that have trains the size of a small house. Just gorgeous.

So how did I celebrate Fiesta?

By going to Fiesta Texas, of course!

One of our friends was hosting a large group of out-of-town guests, so we tagged along. Fiesta Texas is officially Six Flags Over Fiesta Texas and even though it's considered to be small for an amusement park, I thought it was a lot of fun. And I made friends very easily: I wore light-colored pants which, when they got wet on the splashing rides, showed off my "Hello Kitty" underwear nicely. It could've been worse, I guess: I could've been wearing my Supergirl thong.

Sunday, we went tubing on the Comal River. For ten bucks, you can rent a tube, float down the river (which, if you don't stop, takes about two hours), and then get a ride back to the starting point. We did the loop twice. I bought the cutest water shoes EVER (hot pink laceups), which served me well as an identifier when I went ass over teakettle on one of the waterfalls. Everyone said they couldn't see me - just two pink feet flying through the air. We got an extra tube with a bottom so that we could float our cooler along with us. Others were doing the same. One enterprising group brought a keg along, which I learned will float. And still others had their dogs or radios with them.

Then The Texan and I came home and BBQ'd some steaks. It was almost like I was a *real* Texan.


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