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Friday, May 05, 2006

Living in the 80s

I'm curious as to when my gym last bought equipment. I mean, they have some nice cardio machines - fancy cross-trainers and the like - but their weight machines give me pause. You know how they always put a picture of a person up there to show you which muscles are being worked? Well, as I go to a women-only gym (except for one personal trainer who's a Y chromosome. Can't quite figure out how he got in there), they have a woman's body there. All well and good. Except the woman is *always* wearing those jazzercise leotards - you know, the kind with the legs cut up to the waist? The kind that no one has willingly put on their bodies since Olivia Newton John told us all to get physical? Yeah. That kind. Adding suspicion is that my gym recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. I'm thinking that mayhap the machines date back to the gym's beginning. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, as long as they've been taken care of for the past two decades. And seeing how I pay less than $20/month (AWESOME, I was paying over $70/month in DC), I'm wondering how much maintenance they do.

Eh, I'm just bitter because I got trapped in a machine yesterday. Totally my fault, although my trainer had warned me that people sometimes have that happen to them. It was one of those calf-raisers that you sit in and bear weight on your legs so that your calves have some resistance. I got in, put the weight on my legs...and couldn't budge. Luckily, another trainer was walking by and heeded my cries for help.


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