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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not for me

For some reason, I bought soy yogurt the last time I went to the store. And not just one - five of them. I have been gamely eating them, as the only other option is The Texan's - shudder- peach-flavored yogurt. But man are these...bleak. Yes, that's about right. Sorrowful imitations of the real thing.

Of course, I usually buy the yogurts with oreo crumbles on top, so shows how my tastes run.


The only other thing I got is the makeup tip my best friend Laura gave me. Laura Mercier, that is. On the date we got engaged, I celebrated by going to Blue Mercury (alas, only in DC, but it lives everywhere on the internet) and, um, got a full makeover. What, how do you celebrate taking on a lifetime commitment to the person you love? They had a Laura Mercier makeup artist there, who was quite good, even if he did spend an awful lot of time name-dropping Laura Mercier. Yes, yes, we get it, you work for the firm and you and her are BFF. ENOUGH.

But the guy was good and he taught me a neat trick. In order to make your eyes stand out and look really white, line the inside of your upper eye lid (that means inside the lash line) with navy eye liner. I was dubious, especially when it involved implements of torture so close to my eyes - there's a reason why I don't wear contacts, folks, and it's because nothing squicks me out faster than having to touch my eyes - but damned if it wasn't true. Even The Texan had to admit he could tell a difference.

When I was but a young lass and absorbed with the proper way to apply the Merle Norman makeup I purloined from my mom's bag, Seventeen told me that you should never, ever put makeup on the inside of your eyelid so to avoid contamination. Has this thinking changed, or am I about four months from going blind?


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