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Friday, July 07, 2006


I grew up playing AYSO - well, to be perfectly frank, my sister and I alternated as subs as part of AYSO's rule that everyone plays - but either way, soccer is one of the few sports that I can stand to watch on TV. It always reminds me of standing in the back field with one of my friends who was also a fullback after the halftime eating of oranges (another AYSO rule). Having braces meant that you could kill a lot of time picking the pith out of your teeth, which on the team I was on in 8th grade was a good thing, as our front line kicked ass and did most of the work for us.

But anyways. Turns out The Texan also played fullback in his Lil Tex days, so we have both truly enjoyed watching various World Cup matches. And I haven't at all held it against him that he accidentally deleted the England-Portugal game before I could watch it.

Since I work out of my home, it makes it easy to keep up on games, except when things get busy in the office and people insist on calling you to work things out over the phone. I kept having to get up and take phone calls on Wednesday during the France-Portugal game, and finally I had a lightbulb of an idea: just put the TV on mute and watch the game while talking on the phone. What could possibly go wrong with such a fail-safe idea? Of course, I blew my cover almost immediately. Portugal bounced a ball off of the goalpost and I sucked my breath in so loudly the person I was speaking to on the phone thought that perhaps a knife-brandishing maniac had burst into my home. I had to lamely explain, "Er, I got startled." Which in a way was true.

Anyways, the final is Sunday, and I'm pulling for Italy, although Zenadine Zidane is the bestest player ever.

I, however, will probably not be watching the game, as I am heading out for Vegas tomorrow. J-Ditty is getting married and I'm flying out there for moral support. So a completely worthy cause - can't wait to hit the penny slots and wear my trashy Jessica Simpson shoes (black patent leather on the top, 4-inch cork heels on the bottom) out for a girls' night out before the big event. Congrats, J-Ditty! May you both be very happy.


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