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Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's time to go shopping

I realized that I have spent the past week either in a) my workout clothes or b) what is little better than a muumuu. I mean, technically it's a khaftan I bought to wear over my bellydance costume, but damn if it isn't comfortable. Lightweight, airy - perfect for hot Texas weather. But for all intents and purposes, a muumuu. Sigh.

This also came home to me a week or so back when I went to put on my khakis and found pen ink all over the back. Not like a pen had exploded, but more like someone had drawn on my ass. Now, I think I would remember something like that happening, so my best guess was that there'd been an open pen in the grass where I was sitting the night before, watching a performance at the Folklife Festival. Luckily, The Texan's mad laundry skillz were able to get the ink out, but for a while there, it was touch and go. Those pants comprise like 90 percent of my wardrobe - without them, I'd be hosed.

The thing is, I really hate shopping for clothes. It's always stressful, I start snapping at innocent bystanders, and eventually end up storming out of a dressing room all peevish and FINE, I will wear CRAP, WILL THAT MAKE THE FASHION INDUSTRY HAPPY? My mom learned by the time I was 14 that it was safer just to give me a certain amount of money than to accompany me on any shopping trip. My attitude, sad to say, hasn't improved since then.


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