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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Heaven IS a place on Earth

And it shall be known as Bellagio's spa, even though its location is smack dab in the midst of Sin City (aka, Las Vegas). J-Ditty and I spent a good chunk of the morning before she got married at its chapel hanging out at the spa and we have already agreed that we will go back there to spend her anniversary next year. Her new groom can come if he wants, I guess. It was just so zen-like and peaceful that even the shower was a religious experience. And this comes after my being a little late in getting there (shocking), so there's nothing like checking in and being told, "Your treatment starts in 45 seconds." That will light a fire under your ass. Still, my masseuse ended up losing track of time and went 10 minutes over, so it all worked out. I had the hot rocks/coconut oil treatment, which was marvelous.

Only ebb in all this was that the (free!) razers in the bathroom had only one blade and I cut myself shaving. I know, world's smallest violin playing here. And I wouldn't even care about that, but I wanted to go into the jacuzzi and I figured that the management would frown upon introducing fresh blood into a shared body of water like that. So I didn't.

Oh, and J-Ditty's wedding was nice, too.

Heh. She and her new husband were ecstatic, everyone there (bride's family, as the groom's is overseas) was just delighted, and everything went wonderfully.

The wedding was in the early afternoon. We all had a snack at the bar afterwards and then met up at a restaurant within the Bellagio for a bridal party dinner. It was delicious and I spent a good chunk of the beginning pouring through the restaurant's wine list, which was one of the most comprehensive ones I've seen.

J-Ditty's grandma, who is in her early 80s, ordered a glass of red wine to sip throughout the evening. She had almost finished it when a guy at the next table over sent a glass of wine from a bottle that costs, the waitstaff proudly informed us, $1000 a bottle. Everyone at our table immediately said, pass that glass this way. I had a sip. Um, tasty? I like wine, but I guess I don't know enough to be able to discern between my Fat Bastard Shiraz (on sale at HEB for $6.99) and a glass of $1000/bottle red. Her grandma, who knows more than I do, said it blew away the wine she had been drinking.

And a hearty thank you to my sister and brother-in-law, Dust Bunny and Road Runner, for their gracious hosting skills. I stayed with them and forced them to drive me back and forth to the Bellagio as needed. When they weren't hauling my sorry ass about town, we had a good time hanging out and watching my sister's cache of "What Not To Wear" that had built up on her DVR. We realized on the way to the airport that we had done nothing besides that and hang out by their pool. Now THAT's how to see Vegas. I lost a dollar at the nickel slots at the airport but that was more because you have to gamble at least once while in Vegas than any real urge on my part to throw away money.

PS: Why, Zizou? WHY?


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