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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shopping is fun

Sunday I went with a friend to Central Market, or as San Antonians call it, "Gucci-B". Ha. Ha. Ha? Okay, for you non-residents, the dominant grocery chain here is the HEB, and this is an upscale version....still not funny? Okay, moving on.

It is quite swish though - reminded me of a Fresh Fields, but Texas-sized. We spent two hours in the store and only got through half of it. Of course, my progress was delayed because I had to stop several times in every aisle so I could ooh and aah over the merchandise. I had to be physically wrenched from the cheese section.

While I now have all sorts of new oils, cheeses, and meats (like sausage, but not just any sausage: ground chicken with feta and spinach!) which I'm cramming down The Texan's throat before we head out for vacation this week, without a doubt, the best purchases came from the wine section. As it should be, really.

One is a 2004 red called "House Wine." It's 70 percent cabernet sauvignon, 25 percent merlot, and 5 percent syrah. Its maker is www.magnificentwine.com, but I'm not too sure about them, since they apparently lost their domain name in the end of July and still haven't gotten it back yet. Still, how can you resist anything with that kind of plain-wrap label?

Even better is the wine with a pretty pink label that's strewn with hearts. Its name? "Bitch." Simple, yet effective. It's a 2004 barossa grenache, and in the section where normally you'd read about the special growing pattern of the vinery or what the wine-makers' opinion of life is, you have the word "bitch" repeated 76 times. At least their URL works (www.gratefulpalate.com) but I didn't see the wine on their website.

I haven't tried either of them yet - I'm savoring the labels - and maybe I'll wait for a dinner party to bust them out. Then again, they *are* supposed to be fairly decent (per the Central Market employee who we asked), so maybe I'll uncork one while I watch one of the "What not to wear" episodes that my DVR kindly saved for me.


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