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Monday, July 31, 2006

Really, it's a toss-up

Kids today. I tell you.

Sometimes, I'll be out in public and see some annoying little brat do something that makes me reach instinctively for my birth control patch.

Sunday, I was out at the Alamo with G&T and ZFF - first time at the Alamo, ladies and gents, after living here for 10 months. Am something of a tourist slacker, I'm afraid - when this one kid just about took everyone with him during his meltdown. He was about 10 and granted, it was extremely hot out and the Alamo is pretty boring even under the best of circumstances. But still... His mom was standing out in the courtyard, trying to read the presentation on the Alamo's timeline, and the kid was sulking, "You ALWAYS want to stop and read everything. I TOLD you this would happen! IT'S LIKE TALKING TO A BRICK WALL!!!!"

At one level, I felt for the kid, because I had that exact same complaint about my parents when we would get dragged to some educational exhibit. However, if I had ever said anything like that, in as snotty a tone as that kid did, I would've been frogmarched right back to the hotel room, where I'd stay in solitary confinement for the rest of the day. IF I was lucky.


The other day, I was taking refuge from the searing sun during a BBQ in the host's living room. Someone had turned on the TV and, as is the norm if you have cable these days, stumbled across Ferris Bueller's Day Off. So I and a few other Gen-Xers gathered around to watch a movie I'm pretty sure I'll remember long after memories of my loved ones are erased.

It right during the big parade scene when a seven-year-old girl came into the room. She took one look at the TV and squeals, "Oh, Ferris Bueller's!" and ran over to the couch to watch.

Things like that make me believe that the next generation may turn out okay after all.


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