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Monday, September 18, 2006

The madness continues

Last night was the commencement of what, in my unbiased opinion, is the greatest television show availalble: The Amazing Race 10 (TAR10). YAY! Just hearing the theme song puts me in a happy place. Plus, because it was the first episode and thus was chock-full of teams, it was 90 minutes instead of the normal 60.

*annoyingly rabid spoilers to follow*

I was honestly SHOCKED to see them eliminate the Muslims half-way through the leg. That's never been done before, and looking at the faces of the other contestants, that really shook everyone up. I can't say I'm that upset about the loss of those two - didn't really bond with them the few minutes that they were on-screen. And the elimination of the Indian couple wasn't any real surprise - both teams hadn't done that well at any of the tasks. (But what was up with three teams being unable to start their cars when they left the start line? Not auspicious). Of course, they had some great shots of dimwittery by the contestants as always. A particularly good one was of the cheerleaders while in line at the airport. Honest to god, they had a conversation that went like this:

Blond Cheer: Do Muslims believe in Buddha?
Brunette Cheer: *pause* I don't know.

And the team of the so-called "smart guys" brought a WATER GUN through airport security and unsuprisingly had it hustled off real quick-like.

The ending of the leg, with them scaling up the Great Wall of China, was fantastic. And after the woman missing half a leg was able to do it, everyone else who complained seemed like, well, a big cry-baby.


I really needed the pick-me-up yesterday, as I'd spent the afternoon at the fifth circle of hell: San Antonio's bridal expo. It was so depressing, for some reason, even though there was plenty of free cake. Maybe it's because there was not an ounce of free champagne. Now that just blows. But it was a lot of mediocre food and vendors selling things I have zero interest in (racing limo? I don't think so). Plus the fashion show was filled with brides wearing strapless gowns that were falling off of them. Even with the presence of shirtless men, which they resorted to half-way through, it wasn't worth watching.

BTW: America, when did you decide that the only bridal gown worth having was a strapless one? WE ARE NOT ALL SIZE 4 TWENTY-TWO YEAR-OLDS ANXIOUS TO SHOW OFF OUR UPPER ARMS. I'd say 90 percent of the gowns were strapless. Every once in a while, they'd throw in a halter or spaghetti strap gown, but that was it. And, um, to put it diplomatically, if the bridal expo I was at is any indication, I am not the only bride who shouldn't be wearing a strapless gown.

But, I did get a bead on a cake shop that had melt-in-your-mouth delicious cake. Now that is important. Also, The Texan has expressed an interest in having an ice sculpture, and there was a booth there displaying some, so I got their information. Yesterday's trip got the bridal expo urge out of my system so now I can focus on what's important: TAR10.


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