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Friday, September 29, 2006

There's someone for everyone

Last night, The Texan and I got into a rather heated discussion at our favorite bar, Drink. The topic at hand? How economics uses rational choice to explain individuals' behavior. (We're fun at parties too.) It was right when I was practically pounding the bar as I was shouting about the benefits that utility curves measure when I realized that a, I needed to chill the fuck out or risk being the first person tossed from the bar for an economics fight, and b, The Texan deserves a gold star for putting up with me. Instead, I bought him a tequila shot and called it even.

Also, today? Very hungover. We had been at a restaurant earlier that had had a wine-tasting where not enough people had shown up, so our server was surreptiously pouring me free glasses of leftover wine. And if you think I have more pride than to drink leftover wine, you would be oh so wrong. The Texan had to pry my fingers off of my wine glass so that we could leave.


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