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Friday, October 27, 2006

Libby who?

The other night, I was on a shopping bender at the mall, bound and determined to find body glitter. No, I'm not going to a rave, this isn't 1995. I have a bellydance performance this Saturday and I'm hoping that sparkly silver glitter might distract the audience from the fact that I'll be half a beat behind everyone else since I'm still rather iffy on the routine.

But I digress.

It's hard to find body glitter these days. I checked out Sephora and various body lotions shops, but all they had to offer were quietly sophisticated, barely-there glitter. And that simply would not do. (BTW: Bath and Body Works has invented a new marketing term: "Falliday." The salesgirl said it with a straight face as she pointed out how their products go from pumpkin-scented to a whole pine tree/xmas extravaganza.)

So I started hitting up the little girls' crap accessories stores. And I stumbled upon what must be the mecca for all tweens: Club Libby Lu. Oh dear god, the pink. The feathers. The glitter. The sheer magnificence of it all.

I'd never heard of this, but apparently it's a chain of stores that specializes in, I don't know, dolling up the young-uns? It offers makeovers where you can be a princess or a rock star and has all sorts of beauty supplies that are light-years beyond my childhood's Bonnie Bell lipsmackers (the only thing we had on-hand). I checked their website and found that they have special deals on Girl Scout parties, if that gives you any idea of their target demographic. They also have this thing where you can get a stuffed dog and dress it up the same way you are. I see that and I think, why not cats? Then I read that it's called the "Pooch Parlor" and realized why they opted against it.

Anyways, I could've spent a long time in there looking at all the shiny merchandise, but I was easily three times older than any of their other customers. So I bought my silver glitter and headed out....over to the salon across the way, where I got a mani/pedi with all the big girls. Take that, Club Libby Lu and your Libby Do's!


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