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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What is this water falling out of the sky?

It's actually raining here, albeit in a drizzling sort of way. Still, it's nice to see, especially considering how we're *still* under water restrictions. We apparently have enough now in our resevoir, but they're still bitching about the flow rate in one of the local rivers and won't let Bexar County residents spew water indiscriminately. Always something, I tell you.

The weird thing about rain here is that they decided to get around the whole issue of sewers and drainage by not having any. Basically the city planners decided to depend upon the roads to handle any run-off that may occur. Luckily SA still has lots of unused land to absorb whatever water that does accumulate (I shit you not, I drove over a bridge the other day and disturbed about a dozen cattle who were getting a drink from the creek. THIS WAS INSIDE THE CITY'S LIMITS).

Still, it makes driving around during and after a rainstorm something of a challenge, as you never really are sure how deep the puddles are. In fact, some of the roads run across drainage points and have signs warning off motorists with some variation of "Turn around, don't drown." Which makes you wonder why they don't just, I don't know, reroute the water so that accidentally driving into a flooded river is less likely to occur. But maybe that's just me.


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