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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So long, Weingarten Tuesdays

Yesterday you may have heard a great wail go up right around 11AM Central time. That was when I found out that Gene Weingarten is putting his online chat on hiatus until the spring. Sniff.

Gene Weingarten writes a humor column for the Washington Post and, like many of their columnists, hosts a weekly chat (question: why don't more newspapers do this? They're highly entertaining). He has a whole coterie of devoted followers who spend their Tuesday lunchtimes writing in their opinions on his comic strip pick of the week or submitting visible pantyline stories. And yes, it is that mature of a chat.

Anyways, while I am very sad at the thought of having a gaping hole in my Tuesdays, maybe it's for the best. I am such a devoted fan of Gene Weingarten's writing and overall online persona that it alarms me when I don't agree with him. To whit: I am having a large, some might say over-the-top wedding, the kind of which he firmly disapproves. I mean, I see his whole point, but when am I going to get the chance to force all my friends and family into the same room?

And it is even more upsetting when I can't even understand where he's coming from. A few weeks back, he went off on how tacky it was to have photographs of friends and family up in your living room. He grudgingly allowed it for an out-of-the-way office or den, but that was it. J-Dawg and I have actually had long conversations about how perplexed we are at this. Why is this tacky again? I like looking at pictures of people I care about, and whenever I throw a party, guests always gather around those pictures first and foremost. Okay, well, to be exact, they gather around the booze first, but the pictures second.

It's stupid because I don't know this guy, but thanks to the interweb, I feel like I do and that his approval means something. And I feel stupid when I think someone I admire wouldn't approve of me. Lame, yes.

Sigh. I should've known this idolization was approaching its end when he made a pronouncement that milk chocolate is vastly superior to dark chocolate. BITE YOUR TONGUE MISTER.


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