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Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy (belated) birthday, Tex!

The Texan's birthday was Saturday, but I'm just now getting along to officially wishing him a happy birthday here because a) Friday we were celebrating his birthday* b) Saturday we were recovering from the celebration** c) Sunday I was frantically trying to finish up a work project that was due today***. Happy birthday, Tex!

* As part of his gift, I cooked him dinner Friday night. I made a spinach dip, steak, twice-baked potatoes, green beans, and a cheesecake. Oh, and it took me SEVEN FREAKING HOURS. Guess I'm a bit rusty - he usually does all the cooking around the house. It all came out dandy except for the cheesecake. Riddle me this: how can the batter taste perfectly acceptable and cheesecakey when raw, but after it's cooked, it loses all its flavor? Seriously, it tasted like a boring egg custard. It killed me to throw it out, as I'd put it in an Oreo crumb crust, but it was unsalvageable. Bleah.

** He had to go out and do some work on his actual birthday (hence the previous night's festivities), whereas I lay on the couch all day and a good chunk of the evening. I did jump up to make him some frozen taquitos when he got back from his work - never say I don't know how to show someone a classy good time - and managed to burn my index finger in the process. I now have a lovely blister on my index finger. O the agony I suffer for love.

*** I need to go and collapse now. Work is, well, work.


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