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Monday, November 27, 2006

Good turkey day?

I've read a bunch of articles that claim the average person gains only one pound between Thanksgiving and Christmas. HA HA HA good one.

Of course, that may be my fault. Thursday we volunteered down at the SA Convention Center. Every year they put on a Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who wants one. It started out as a deal for senior citizens in 1979, got expanded to include the homeless, and now is for everyone. Last year they served 26,000 people. I'd had my doubts about how effective a help we would be - I've done these things before and they usually have way too many people - but it ended up being quite, well, rewarding. I grabbed a pot of coffee and some sugar packets and circulated for two hours. My god do I now have a new-born respect for waiters. Know what everyone loved and took even if they didn't have coffee? Liquid creamer. Who knew that'd be such a hit?

Then we went home to clean up and headed back downtown for our Thanksgiving dinner at the St. Anthony. We totally got busted by the woman checking us in: she recognized us from six months ago, when we went to go look at it for our wedding (um, we decided against it, although it is a lovely historical register hotel). But the all-you-can-eat buffet made up for it. I tried, for the first time, deep-fried turkey. Holy crap, so THAT's what all the fuss is about. I have never had turkey that moist. Plus it was all-you-can-drink champagne. I think I got my money's worth on champers alone.

Friday night we went downtown to see the parade of lights on the riverwalk. Every year, they have a big to-do about turning on the xmas lights over the river for the first time. And, being San Antonio, they have to turn it into a party. (This city looks for any excuse to party. When they drain the river every year for its cleaning, they throw a mud party and have a mud king and queen. No joke.) For this case, they have a parade where all the boats that normally give tours of the Riverwalk are decked out and all lit up. It was fun to see all the purty lights, plus a lot of the boats had music. There was one who had SAPD singing in a band. Unfortunately, their float got stalled out in front of us, so they ran through their gamut of songs - all two of them - pretty quickly. Of course there were a lot of jokes about SAPD causing a traffic jam. A lot of the floats had dancers - I really like the folkloric dancers, although I thought at times they were going to tip their boat over. The only off-note was the float which got the biggest response from the crowd. It wasn't the one with Santa (who looked right at me squee I think I'm going to get what's on my wish list this year!). Rather, it was the float containing Ronald Mcdonald.


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