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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

With a belly full of jelly

Or something. Last night, The Texan decided he was going to make eggnog. Tipping his hat to my predilections, he managed to find a recipe that combined bourbon and rum for the alcoholiest dairy drink ever. I had a big mug full (verdict? delicious, but potent) right before I headed off for bellydance class.

I had been joking that a glass of the stuff would help me shimmy and shake with abandon. Er, no. Yes, there was alcohol in it, but it literally is like drinking a big cup of cream. Try dancing around with a stomach full of that.

We still have quite a bit left. Yet The Texan wants to try out a nonalcoholic version. I think he's trying to give me a heart attack. On the other hand, now I can make homemade eggnog lattes. Suck on that, Starbucks!

PS: Spellcheck didn't recognize "Starbucks." How is that possible?


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