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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Let the blogging begin!

Or not. I have a sparkling new desk to write on, thanks to The Texan's Christmas generousity. It showed up on Friday and after some salty language from The Texan as he put it together, it now stands proudly in our office. I had thought that its purtyness would inspire me to a) keep it neat and b) write more.

So far, I have spilled a faux aquarium on it (you know, with sponge fish instead of the real kind) and strewn all my Christmas bills across it, but so far, I've managed to avoid any coffee cup rings.

I almost feel the way you do with a new car: every time you take it out and park it somewhere, you cringe, just KNOWING that a ding is coming along with your name on it. This desk's new patina will wear off soon. In the meantime, I'm enjoying pretending to be a grown-up with a big girl desk.

(And, seeing how I haven't written in here for nearly a week, you can see how well b) has held up.)


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