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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Learning to let go

You know, sometimes, your heart just won't accept what your head knows all too well. Maybe this time, it'll be different, you think. It's my fault - I bet if I put a little more effort into it, it'll work out. Hope springs eternal and you search the internet, certain that if you can just phrase your question right, you'll find the answer you need.

And then you decide the hell with it, homemade butternut squash is not worth all this heartache, and you open up a can of Campbell's.

Seriously - I have made like four different versions of it. I love butternut squash, I love soup, it's always being listed as a healthy meal in all those stupid fitness magazines at the gym, it features prominently in any collection of easy vegetarian recipes. Perfect lunchtime meal that I can just whip up at home, right?

Wrong. Every batch I make is worse than the one before it. What is up with that?

This I vow: I have ruined my last butternut squash. I don't care how much betacarotene the damn things have, I'm not going to try to make soup of them any more.


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