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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The weather forecasters are screwing with my mind

The weather for Saturday is supposed to include isolated thunderstorms. But, according to weather.com, the comfort level is supposed to be "delightful." WTF???? I don't know about you, but I don't like getting drenched in the middle of big gullywasher of a thunderstorm. Sigh. Oh, and have I said that we'll actually be getting married outside? And that we didn't have contingency plans because this is south Texas and we've been in the midst of a two-year-long drought? Crossing fingers that the showers come Friday night, after everyone's flown in, and clean up the air for Saturday night.

So far I've been able to talk it away, since the forecast was so far out. Back in the Stone Ages, when I was in undergrad, I took a Weather for Airheads class for one of my science requirements (that wasn't very science-y. The other two were Oceans for Idiots and, of course, Rocks for Jocks, the latter of which, to my great chagrin, I *barely* squeaked by with a B-). Anyways, my prof told us that anything more than three days out was pretty much conjectural. Okay, um, we hit three days tomorrow. Let's see a forecast for rainbows and ponies and kittens.


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