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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Taking a minute to breathe here

Did I mention that I'm getting married in less than a fortnight? *inhale, exhale* Kinda busy. Hey, we hit the 10-day weather forecast tomorrow. As if there's going to be any surprise about the weather that day. Hot, humid, and overcast would be my guess.

We planned things out but there are about a jillion little details that need to be confirmed before the family starts arriving and I officially sign off from work for three weeks.

Plus last week we were busy getting things ready for The Texan's first ever photography exhibit. (His work is amazing, and I'm not just saying that because it includes a 4' by 4' picture of my cat.)(BEST SHOT EVER! Even if my sweet little angel is glowering at the camera.)

I'm very proud of The Texan - he did a beautiful job of holding his shit together, even when everything went to pieces around his show. Pictures? Got lost. Framers? Were late. Exhibits? Fell off the freaking wall.

But it all came together in the end. So I'm hoping that his calm cool reserve will ensure that our wedding will come off as nicely.

Now, we've got to run off to do another billion or so errands.


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