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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Darkening this blog's door

I meant that metaphorically, of course. Um, look at that - two months went by! In my defense, I was travelling for five out of the six weeks after the wedding. Let me tell you, any time you think, of course I can go on a business trip four days after getting back from my honeymoon, how bad could the jet lag be? Just kill yourself then, because the jet lag will be horrible. Totally worth it though. We went to Thailand and China for our honeymoon, then went to Brussels for work, then came back for four days, and I went to DC for a week, also for work.

Many stories to tell about the various trips, but for now, I'm gearing up for my next trip and one I'm afraid is going to be the least pleasant of them all. Mama Ladyship has been very ill, which is the other main reason I haven't updated. It's hard to be entertaining when you're in a funk. We leave on Thursday for a long weekend in LA to see how she's doing. I'm hoping it's better than I'm imagining, although realistically....probably not.

Anyways, to sign off on a good note: our wedding was, for me and the Texan at least, a total blast. Even though I could have cheerfully eviscerated everyone I came in contact with during the three hours prior (Hello, my name is Bridezilla, how may I help you?), it really ended up being a fantastic party. One word of advice: you may think that wrapping chairs with sashes is extravagantly wasteful spending. WRONG. Eventually, as the night wears on, some smart-ass will tied one around his head and then let the games begin. At some point, everyone on the dance floor had one and was using it to interpretively dance to some Arabic pop music. We even managed to convince everyone that no, those weren't party favors and you couldn't take them home. Although we returned them with god knows' what crinkled and spilled all over them.


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