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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Perhaps we need to get out more

I have reconciled the cat with wearing a bandanna. There is NOTHING cuter than a cat wearing a bandanna that's all askew. Nothing cuter...or what is the word I'm looking forward? Oh, that's right: nothing more undignified. Poor kitty. I tried to get him to wear one a couple of years ago but he would have none of it. I guess we've either broken his spirit or he's seen the dog wearing one and thinks it's okay.

As for the dog, The Texan was cleaning out one of his drawers and found one of those promotional items you get at bars. This was a necklace with a martini glass that lit up, with various settings (from slowly blinking to setting off epileptics). So we made him a party pup and turned it on last night. Hours of entertainment, I tell you.


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