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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am getting old

Know how I know that? The Texan and I went to his 20th high school reunion this weekend - mine is still a good few years away, FYI - and we went on a tour of his high school. The tour guides, former students as well as current teachers, proudly informed us that they no longer have a "Back to School" dance. Instead, they have a "Bad 80s" dance, where the kids get dressed up in their 80s finest and dance to 80s music.


On one hand, I am horrified that my youth has so quickly been commodified.

On the other hand, this ensures that another generation learns to love Erasure and Duran Duran, so it can't be all bad.


The reunion was interesting and has convinced me that when mine comes up, I'll make every effort to go. I did go to my 10th high school reunion, but everyone was pretty much still working out issues in their lives - just either finishing up grad school or starting a family or something along those lines. The 20th did have one pregnant woman and a bunch of people with small children, but overall the attitude was hey, high school was a long time go, and let bygones be bygones. So mostly everyone was just happy just to see old faces and find out what people had been up to. A lot of people mentioned they were unsure about whether to come and almost universally people seemed glad they had.

I mostly floated around, eating the odd chicken finger or working my way through a pile of drink tickets (why wasn't anyone else drinking the champagne?). As a spouse, your job is to smile politely and place faces with the stories for later gossip exchanges. I was a bit worried about what to wear, as the invite said "dressy casual" (WTF???). I figured that this is Texas and one can never get too dressed up, so I wore a little black cocktail dress. I shouldn't have bothered. A bunch of women were wearing leopard-print shirts and pants - my alternative choice. Guess that wasn't as tacky as I'd feared. Or else I've been fully brainwashed and am a Texan now.


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