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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey travels

I haven't been posting lately what with the monstrous amount of TV shows building up on my DVR. Yes, sure, I don't *have* to watch every episode of the Gilmore Girls' first season, but they're so good! How can I resist?

And now we're heading out to southern California for Thanksgiving, where hopefully it didn't all burn down last month. Family Ladyship is having a Thanksgiving dinner in LA, then we drive down to San Diego to go visit J-Ditty and attend Grits' wedding. I'm putting money that there are going to be mariachis at the latter - I sure hope so, at least.

Other than getting ready for our trip, we're trying to wrap up work on the house. Our bathroom used to be covered with not one but two layers of wallpaper. My plan to take it off myself dissolved about three seconds into the job. So we're having our general contractor do it, and paint while he's at it, but I'm afraid that he may not finish in time for me to take a shower before heading out to the airport. And while the San Antonio airport is getting a little better, it still isn't on par with Hong Kong's where you can shower and shampoo while waiting for your flight. This may be a long and pungent day.

At least the bathroom is now a lovely shade of pink - almost as pretty as the one in my old condo in DC. I told The Texan that we can buy some really masculine towels to butch up the place.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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