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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tales from the air

Just the one. I know I'm getting in the habit of flying and then immediately coming back to vent on this site, but OH MY GOD there's always something new and irritating about air travel these days. To whit: We were scheduled to fly on Wednesday out of San Antonio and have a 90-minute layover in Dallas on our way to LA. We pulled out of the SA terminal on time...and then sat. And sat. And sat some more.

Then the pilot made the following announcement that still pisses me off - that they didn't have enough fuel to fly from SA to Dallas, and that they'd have to pull back in and refuel before air traffic control would let them take off, "so don't blame us, blame air traffic control." ER NO. YOU guys are the ones who were trying to cheap out and not put fuel in the plane when you didn't have to. I mean, come on, it's a frigging 45-minute flight. If you don't have fuel for that, then you *really* don't have any fuel.

As it stood, guess how long we sat on the ground in San Antonio? Why yes, 90 minutes exactly. We ended up missing our connection in Dallas, but only had to wait an hour for another flight. But still, I was livid.

Um, other than that, great Thanksgiving. Got to see the family, and went down to San Diego to hang out with J-Ditty and her husband, then went to Grits' wedding. It was held in the courtyard of a Mexican restaurant in Old Town San Diego and was a wonderful wedding. The bride walked down the aisle to a mariachi band playing "Here Comes the Bride" and all concerned were very happy.


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