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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting decrepit

It used to be I could fly all over (um, in an airplane, of course) and not really suffer any undue consequences. Not any more. I went to Korea last week and my god that flight knocked me flat. I guess the difference between going to Asia for fun and for work is that if you're going for fun, you have the option of taking naps. Work, not so much. (Except for that one afternoon, where it was like 85 degrees in the room and someone was droning on and on. I couldn't help nodding off, although I tried my damnedest to stay awake.) I got back late last week, immediately had to work on a deadline due Monday, and am just now feeling human again.

Of course, it wouldn't be a trip without me bitching about it. So allow me to honor tradition and tell you the latest fuckwittery I experienced. I'd bought The Texan a bottle of fancy rum while in duty-free in Seoul - in our house, we show love via purchases of alcohol - and thus I had it with me in my carry-on in the plane. When I got to Dallas, I had to do the usual and claim my bag and recheck it. I'd forgotten that when you do that, you are officially out of the security zone. So I am exhausted after 12 hours on the plane and my feet are swollen so I can barely walk in my boots. I go over to the security check-point and manage, after much struggle, to get my boots off so they can go through the x-ray machine. As I go through, they stop the machine and tell me - to be fair, regretfully - that my bottle of rum is much more than three ounces of liquid and I'll have to recheck it.

At that point, I was this close to handing it to them and wishing them a merry xmas, but I did have time before my flight to go do it correctly. However, there was no way I was going to stuff my feet back into those boots and then have to pull them out again in the course of just a few minutes. So I grabbed my boots and my booze and padded over to the check-in in my socks. Classy, but at that point, I was just NOT IN THE MOOD. Luckily, the airline agent was very nice and pulled out a box to stuff the rum in and we got it checked in okay.


Seoul was great. I love Korea, I grew up in a city with a large Korean population and it reminds me of home. It wasn't as cold as it was the only other time I was there, for which I was grateful. Plus the hotel was quite nice. They took a lot of steps to make your stay more comfortable. One of them was to put some sort of agent on the mirror in the bathroom so that a square wouldn't fog up during your shower. Of course, the square was at about my clavicle - I'm a bit taller than the norm for that part of the world, I guess - but it was still thoughtful.

I'd thought that I'd get my xmas shopping done in Seoul, as they have a lot of really beautiful crafts and the like. Heh. Not even close. I got myself a bunch of cool things, my favorite being hot pepper chocolates (which do have a bit of a kick). My friends and family get my good wishes from Korea. Sorry, folks.


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