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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Soon I'll have a whole set

The Texan, GI Jane, and I went to the annual Express-News wine and "fine food" festival on Sunday. I went last year solo and had an absolute blast, so I knew I could not miss it this year.

I think that they were pouring less generous tastes of the wine this year - and listening to other people grumble, I was not alone in this assessment - as I worked my way through all my drink tickets this year, something I couldn't do last year. And come on, people go to this to get toasted - we already know what most of those wines taste like.

This year I tracked down the cheese booth early, so I was able to get my, and many other people's, fill. Most of the other food items were some variation of a taco. You might be wondering why tacos are thought to go with wine. In which case, I would answer, this is San Antonio - tacos go with EVERYTHING. GI Jane and I spent most of our time scoping out short lines for food and all three of us took turns holding spots in line for each other. Now, that's teamwork.

A good time was had by all: even The Texan, who is not much of a wine drinker, found quite a few varietals he liked. And we were able to build up our wine glass collection. They give you one per person, so if we go again next year, I will finally have a matching set. What? Don't look at me like that, I know many people purchase complete sets. But I have managed to break three sets of wine glasses, most of which were not my fault (Scratchel, I'm looking your way), so I'm kinda leery to spend real money on a decent set. Plus, didn't you have those big gas station glasses growing up? Came with a full tank of gas? I can continue that legacy but I'll class it up with wine glasses.


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