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Monday, March 31, 2008

San Antonio, you're welcome

We got our scooter so that The Texan could use it on his commute to school. We knew, of course, he would only use it on days where it wasn't wet out. Seeing how we live in Texas and havve had an incredibly dry winter, we figured that would be most days.

Guess what? Rained most of this weekend. San Antonio residents, we are single-handedly responsible for breaking the drought. When you use your sprinklers without a care in sight, be sure to throw a thanks our direction.


Even with the rain, we managed to blow through a tank of gas already. The Texan and I have been going on little driving tours around our neighborhood, more to enjoy the fresh air from these twilight rides than anything else. Anyways, guess what our mileage was on our first tank of gas? No, higher. No, higher than that. Ready? 91 mpg!!! I am so hopped up on that it's not even funny. I feel as proud of that as if I'd designed the thing myself. I've been telling everyone I could reasonably expect to listen semi-patiently about this. And apparently scooters get better mileage once they've been broken in. I have to give mad props to the Kymco corporation: they know how to build a scooter.

Of course, having said this, I'm sure something untoward is going to happen to us and/or the scooter. Knocking wood while I type this.


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