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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For better or for OMFG

I know, I know, I shouldn't be reading a comic strip that does nothing but raise my blood pressure. And yet, I cannot avoid it. Every day I check it out first thing online to see what new levels of inanity it will contain. Believe me when I tell you it does not disappoint.

The latest storyline is that Liz' ex-boyfriend from high school, whose wife cruelly forced them to have a child and then insisted on running off to avoid the child to focus on her career (as women in the workforce do), finally proposed to Liz. By saying "We are good partners." Oh, hold me as I swoon from the romance.

Then Liz goes on and on about how she "gets" to wear an engagement ring to show off that she's taken. And that she's having her friends as bridesmaids as payback. Lord knows other what sort of Bridezilla-erish behavior we're going to see from her. Oh wait, no, I forgot, she's perfect.

And when she told her mom that she was engaged, her mom said, "Finally, FINALLY you're engaged!" With that, you might expect Liz to be in her 50s or well on her way to menopause. Nope, girlfriend is maybe 24. Yes, good thing we got that rotting carcass off the market.

The storyline is expected to carry on through the summer (and yes, I did read up on this on the internet, because I apparently enjoy inflicting pain on myself). It's going to be a long bumpy ride.


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