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Friday, March 28, 2008

And then there were three

The Texan and I are rapidly approaching our first wedding anniversary, and things are finally calming down a bit, so we took a step recently that we'd previously discussed at great length. He is extremely excited about it; I'm a little more reticent but looking forward to the new adventures that are sure to ensue. This addition to our family may be a bit pricey but I think in the end we'll be glad we did it.

We got a scooter yesterday. A sparkly blue Kymco Agility, 125 cc, to be exact.

Even in Texas, land of oil refineries, gas is well over $3/gallon and is expected to get to $4/gallon this summer. While it may drop after that, we're never going back to the land of the $1.50/gallon of gasoline - the prices are only to get higher. So officially, this scooter, which we're expecting to get anywhere between 80 to 100 mpg, will be a way in which to save gas. The Texan can ride it to school (it's not highway legal, so it's side streets for him) and I can use it as needed. I did a few calculations and at current gas prices, this scooter will pay for itself in a little over two years - less if the prices go up as I think they will. And we can take it with us when we leave Texas for more urban environments.

Unofficially, though, the reason why we got it is that it's a really fun new toy. We've already put 70 kilometers on it (why does the rest of the world insist on clinging to the metric system?) from various rides around town. Even with the two of us on it, and we are not small people, we reached 50 mph a couple of times and were able to more than keep up with traffic.

I have never driven a motorcycle or a scooter, and the one we got has a large enough engine that you have to have a motorcyle license to drive it. So it's off to motorcycle school for me! I think The Texan is going to come too for a brush-up of his scootering skillz. That should be pretty fun.

The dog is probably the only resident of our household who is extremely unhappy about this turn of events. When we drove up the first time and honked at him in the yard, he ran around the back of the house, barking furiously the whole time. Even after we called him over to introduce him to it, he was dubious and kept a very careful distance away from it. This dog takes a while to adapt to change - he freaks out every time we rearrange the living room furniture - but I'm sure he'll learn to live with it. He'll have to: the scooter is going to be parked behind the shed when not in use, so Che had better get reconciled to sharing turf with the big loud monster.


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