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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Howdy neighbor

We live at an end of a cul-de-sac, which is nice and quiet. After having lived so many years in earshot of drunks having fights outside my window and fire engines racing up and down the street, it's a rather pleasant change of pace.

I fear that all will change. Our next-door neighbor up and left yesterday without saying a word. After all these years of, um, nodding at each other and occasionally saying hello, she didn't bother to say good-bye. Hmm, maybe not such a shock after all. We knew the move was permanent when we noticed her string of xmas lights was finally down from her side window.

I haven't met the people who took her place, but they're already there, or at least some of them are. And they have a darling little dog too, which is nice. The woman who'd lived there had two wiener dogs, one of whom was good friends with ours. They'd race up and down the fence together and have a great time.

I think I'm a little too invested in making sure Che has a replacement buddy. Today I took him outside and in vain tried to get him to show an interest in the other dog, who was wagging his tail, shrinking down on the ground in a submissive position, and practically holding up a sign that says "I'm friendly." I even got to the point to where I was throwing Che's ball over to the fence to try and force him to interact with the other dog. Nada. I guess I should be grateful, as Che's usual MO is to bark like crazy at unknown dogs. But dammit I want him to have a friend!

This is also the problem with working at home: you become far too entwined in your pets' emotional health. The other day, I turned to The Texan and said in all seriousness, "I worry sometimes that Shrapnel is bored." HE IS A CAT. He sleeps 16 hours a day and spends the rest of his time driving me nuts. He has a full schedule.

Just let Che out. Maybe this time he'll notice the new dog.


  • At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Amber said…

    Ha! I also work from home, and totally relate to this... My husband (who works with me) is getting really, really tired of me turning to him and asking if he thinks the dog is "depressed" several times a week...


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