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Friday, September 12, 2008


But not for the usual reasons. I mean, sure, I'm glad the week is over, but I have to work this weekend (and pretty much every weekend for the forseeable future, thanks my inability to spread out work before a deadline).

No, the real reason I am so glad that today is Friday is that it means tomorrow is Saturday, and I can finally roll down the windows on the car.

See, when I lived in DC, I didn't have a car (okay okay, I didn't even have a license, I had to take the test before I moved to Texas). So in moving here, I became a driver of The Texan's car, a Ford Escort whose windows were tinted. When I first saw that, I snickered because come on, pimping out a Ford Escort? But after seeing school buses here with tinted windows, I got it: it's hot, tinted windows keep out the sun.

They also give you a modicum of privacy, so when we got the Neon after our Escort went to the big junkyard in the sky, I felt nekkid to be in a car without any tinting. Plus there was, you know, the heat (today, for example, the heat index is 104 degrees oh my god will summer ever end).

Hence The Texan's trip on Monday to get the windows tinted on the Neon. They are DARK now. As in, I have no need for the night-version of the rear-view mirror any more. The only thing we needed to do was to not roll down the windows until Saturday so that the tinting could set. The Texan told me repeatedly, as I'm the primary driver of the car (until I get my motorcycle license, he has primary custody of the scooter), don't roll down the windows. Keep the windows up. Better hope you don't get pulled over by a cop because you cannot roll down the windows.

Of course, Tuesday morning, with the tinting not even 24 hours old, I went to go deposit a check at the drive-through ATM and got half-way through a crank (we're kicking it old skool here and have manual windows) before I realized GODDAMMIT THOSE ARE SUPPOSED TO STAY UP. There was a big scratch down the entire length of the driver's side window. $160 out the window. So to speak.

Fortunately, The Texan was able to determine that no harm had been done to the window by my ineptitude - that scratch had been there before, but no one had noticed because the glass was clear. Off by a technicality!

Since then, I've been driving while doing the mantra, keep the windows up. Tomorrow, even with the advent of Hurricane Ike, I think I'm going to go nuts and roll down the windows, just because I can.


Along those lines, here's hoping the storm surge doesn't reach SA. And that our power holds up. I don't mind hunkering down for a couple of days, but take away my electricity and all the shows waiting for me on our DVR and all bets are off.


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