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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drunk on my own power

Or is it residual from last night's vodka and Diet Dr. Pepper? Nope, my power.

A few weeks ago, it dawned on me that it is dark outside our house at night. Now, I know there's this thing called the "sun" which provides light, and when it goes away, it takes the light with it. I accept that. But it just seemed unduly dark to me. The Texan, when asked about it, sighed and said, "The streetlight across from our house has been out for weeks." My keen powers of observation kick in yet again.

What I perhaps lack in observation, though, I can make up via my writing. Namely, a strongly-worded letter to our property management slipped in with the September rent check letting them know that hey, the light's out on our block. For all I knew, they were just as oblivious as I was about the situation and would leap at the chance to do some expensive upkeep.

That was on the 5th. Today, I was hanging out on the front porch enjoying the thirty seconds of fall that San Antonio gets every year when a truck with a cherry-picker pulled up opposite our house. Sure enough, it was there to replace the lightbulb. Evidently the management fears, nay, TREMBLES at the thought of my wrath and retribution! Or everyone on this block has been involved in a writing campaign for weeks and my letter just happened to be one of many. Either way, this should make it a little less perilous at night.


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