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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The weather outside is frightful...

....so it must be time to put up the xmas lights. Somehow, The Texan and I have developed our very own holiday tradition of holding off on doing so until the weather is crappy. Nothing like skittering about on a wet roof to really get the blood pumping.

We do have a change from previous years inside the house: an honest to god live xmas tree. I used to always get them when I lived in DC, but The Texan always insisted that we use the artificial one if we weren't going to be here for the holiday itself. Well, after flying to LA last xmas, I vowed that it would be a cold day in hell before I flew during the Christmas season again.* So this year, we're staying home and thus have an actual tree. It's purty. So far, the cat has avoided knocking it down (although he's far too interested in the tree water for my liking). I "decorated" it with random ornaments I've gotten through the years, plus some homemade ornaments - the kind where you stick cloves in oranges. I tried not to be insulted that every website I read about these ornaments on insisted that these were GREAT things for pre-schoolers to do. Um, sure. No problems here at all. Now all we need are some presents to go under it. And our stockings to arrive - I ordered some online, am not sure if they'll be here in time for St. Nick to put anything in them or not.

* Seriously, I've had to fly on or around xmas every year since 1996. FLYING SUCKS. And flying over the holidays is even worse.


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