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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote early, vote often

Look, a non-scooter-related post! (Except this: I am not driving that thing at night until well into summer. I met friends for dinner on Monday and damn near froze to death on the way back home.)

Anyways, voting. The Texan and I did our civic duty and went down to the library to vote early. We unfortunately timed our trip right around lunch, which meant about a half hour wait. Which kind of invalidated the reason why we went early, i.e., not having to wait. But the voting, once it started, went like gangbusters. We have touch screens, so it just involves scrolling rapidly through the screens, double-checking to make sure that you pushed the correct box, and then hitting the flashing red button that says "Vote."

BTW, I voted for the JP who married us. Hope that makes up for stiffing her on the tip. (In my defense, it was one of the few things I'd forgotten to arrange ahead of time. The other was failing to make sure the DJ got to eat during his SEVEN HOURS on the clock. Uh, sorry dude.)

If nothing else has come out of this looooong election year, it's nice to see that it's driven voter turnout way up. Go democracy!


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