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Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to the grind

For a day at least. I took it pretty easy last week but plan on putting in a whole day (one! whole! day!) today. I'm trying to wean myself off xmas cookies too but it's hard, as we keep getting supplied with new ones.

This is the first holiday season in a decade that I didn't have to fly anywhere. My take on it? Awesome! On the big day, we opened gifts, ate a cheese souffle that is a Ladyship family tradition, and watched DVD after DVD. You know, after all these years, "War Games" really holds up. Even though the computers are laughably HUGE. Plus the Texan made a fantastic turkey dinner, which allowed us copious amounts of leftovers for the holiday weekend. Today's lunch was the first leftover-free meal I've had since Wednesday.

Now my main task for the week is ascertaining whether Maybelline "Superstay" lip gloss is all that it's cracked up to be. I love lipstick, but because I wear dark colors, it's painfully obvious when it's worn off. And yet the long-stay lipsticks are too drying. So far I'm not impressed with the superstay, as it tends to wear partially off and have the rest of it stick around for 16 hours (not a good look, btw), but I'll give it a fair shot. Wednesday night we're going to a small NYE party and I want my lipstick to be up to the challenge.


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