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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting caught up

Life is finally calming down a bit. Just a word to the wise: never, EVER assume that you can work a week from your parents' house without having outside confirmation that the internet connection is a) reliable and b) relatively speedy. When I'd last visited, back in March, everything was dandy, but things have for some reason gotten belabored with my dad's wifi connection (The Texan and my brother-in-law, Roadrunner, both think that the computer has become infested with spyware and needs a good cleaning). So while all my colleagues came back from their winter holidays and got right back to business, I was barely keeping afloat with an internet connection that dragged its ass and forced me to spend about half every day at a local coffee house, which kind of bagged the point of spending the time at my parents' house to begin with.


Everyone else in the house is napping right now, which is the best way to spend a lovely balmy Sunday afternoon. I think I may have to join them shortly. I am reluctant to stop revelling in the speedy internet connection though. (How bad was the internet situation? So bad that I couldn't play in any of my Scramble games on Facebook and GOT BOOTED from all of them. WAH.)


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