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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The gods must be angry

That can be the only explanation for that liquid coming out of the sky. At least, that must be how most San Antonians explain rain to themselves, because otherwise there is no explanation for how SA drivers freak the fuck out every time there's water on the roads. Now, I am all for safe driving, particularly in my 1995 Neon which loves to skid given the slightest opportunity. But there is NO NEED to drive 20 mph below the speed limit in a light drizzle. Trust me on this.

The rain appears to have stopped, leaving a lovely amount of mud in its wake. Our poor dog has been exiled outside, as every time he comes in, his paws have to be washed, a job that The Texan and I both studiously try to avoid. (Oh, he comes in several times a day, and of course at night, we're not monsters. Just lazy.)

I can only imagine how the rain affected Oyster Bake. For the uninitiated, Oyster Bake kicks off San Antonio's biggest party of the year, Fiesta, which goes on for 10 days and basically shuts the city down (seriously, they even close down schools for the latter part of it). It started this weekend and I feel for the organizers who have drunken revelers stumbling through mud on their way to the portapotties. At least it isn't actively raining, although I'm not sure that would stop people from going out to Fiesta parties. True conversation I had with a native San Antonian the first week of April:

Her: Wow, it's already April!
Me: Yeah, I know, that's nuts. I can't believe taxes are due soon.
Her: *I* can't believe it's almost time for Fiesta! Are you ready for it?
[Editor's note: I wasn't aware that any prep time was needed for Fiesta, other than lining up a designated driver.]


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