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Friday, April 03, 2009

Digging myself out of this nice rut

Postings have been sparse this past month because things have been a-changing around here. I officially started a new job this week, after having spent the better part of a decade in my last job. I am very excited about this new job and think it will be terrific, but it requires changing how I think and go about my day and it will take some doing before it becomes more natural. It's bad enough that the San Antonio Express-News had to pick this week to shrink the size of its pages AND its font, now I have to deal with this work change too.

I am trying to look at this as a way in which I can establish shiny new and responsible habits. Also, sometimes you become a hostage to your routine, so a shake-up can be healthy. I'm trying right now to figure out what habits I can bring with me to my new job and which ones should be shit-canned. And I'm also working out exactly how many questions/requests I can make of my new colleagues before they lose their patience and tell me to shut my pie-hole. It's a fine line, I'm sure.

On a completely different note, The Texan and I were visiting our favorite bartender/turned chef on Wednesday so that The Texan could take pictures of the kitchen for a school project. While there, we had to eat (of course), and were presented with some artisan cheeses that the chef's dad had brought back from Europe. One of them still had HAY on the outside. Now that, my friends, is Authentic. It also was delicious, although we're not sure what it was that we ate; best I could fathom was some sort of pecorino.

Time to go wake up The Texan from his nap so that we can watch Evil Dead 2. We are both fans of USA's "Burn Notice," where Bruce Campbell plays the jocular best friend, and so I rented "Bubba Ho-Tep" which he starred in a few years ago (and for the uninformed, where he plays Elvis in a retirement home, gearing up forces with JFK [Ossie Davis][I KNOW] to fight off an evil Egyptian mummy)(by the way, Bruce Campbell does a helluva good Elvis impression). But it got the Texan talking about the Evil Dead series, and when I admitted I'd never seen it (my childhood was almost entirely devoid of R-rated movies), he immediately put them all on his Netflix queue.* We watched the first one last night, which was dated and campy and had subtle misogynistic tones (why did only evil dead women get chopped up? plus, a tree rape scene? wtf?) yet it had us both jumping at times. I hear the second one is deliberately campy and funny, which is exactly what I'm in the mood for.

* Secret to a happy marriage: separate Netflix queues.


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