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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Washington-on-the-Bering Sea

Somehow, without us noticing, DC got transplanted quite a bit north. We "only" got 11 inches more of snow yesterday, giving us three feet of snow in less than a week. It got up to 40 today and was sunny, which helped things thaw out. A lot of houses around here developed very big (~five-ten feet long) icicles, which makes me very nervous. We had a few lovely ones hanging over our back door, poised for an unsuspecting person (or dog), but they broke off in the morning sun and instead took out half of the security light. Eh, we always hated that thing - it was motion-sensitive, and you couldn't turn it on or off, so you would have to constantly wave your arms above your head when you were outside and needed some light - so silver lining etc.

Tonight I think cabin fever has set in enough that we are finally going to try the one of two (2) restaurants within easy walking distance of our place. I'm excited to be wearing non-elastic waistbanded pants. Here's hoping all of our neighbors hopped to it and shoveled their sidwalks! (On Tuesday, I fell right after having a neighbor lecture me UNASKED about how I was walking incorrectly in the slush. When I got an "I told you so" I was ready to pop him one if he didn't shut the hell up. I don't handle snowy weather well, did I mention that?)


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