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Monday, March 08, 2010

And so it begins

I sat outside at lunch today - couldn't have been more than 40 minutes, tops. And I am presently sporting an attractive pinkish twinge to my skin. First sunburn of the season! *Now* can we assume that winter is over? Please???

I realized that Snowmaggeddon was a month ago and yet we still have piles of dirty snow everywhere. Whereas The Texan and I went up to NYC two days after they had received a couple of feet of snow and were shocked to realize that some cities have ways in which to shovel and then get rid of snow. Seriously, we thought maybe we'd just been watching the news reports and gotten NYC mixed up with another snowstorm, because New York had maybe a hint of snow, but that was it, and almost every sidewalk we saw had been shoveled AND salted.


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