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Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's art-tastic

Blame the two cocktails I had on that stupid post title. Hot Pants Esq. and I actually took advantage of living in DC and went to an event at the Smithsonian. The National Gallery of Art has a big exhibit going on showing off Andy Warhol's work and they had a special thing today where Dean & Britta (of the band Luna) had scored music to go along with a bunch of his screen tests. I wasn't sure what to expect, to be honest - it could've gone either way, and all I knew was that I liked Luna. But it was interesting to see how the subjects handled the screen tests. As the curator pointed out, it's easy to hold a pose for 30 seconds or so, but a 4-minute-long screen test tends to crack whatever facade you've put out there for the world and your true essence, such as it is, comes out. Plus Dean was able to speak about each subject before their test went on and told the audience (packed, by the way - probably 500 people in that auditorium) a little about the person. They had chosen mostly regulars of Warhol's Factory and let's just say most of them didn't end up so well. Anyways, after that much culture, I feel I can read my recaps of reality TV (how many steps removed is that from artistic vision?) with a clear conscience. Also, loved the makeup on the women - it was all 60s mode and still absolutely fabulous.


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