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Friday, November 11, 2011

Reaching new heights

I love our Wii fit system - it's a lot of fun and you feel oddly triumphant when you hit the 30-minute mark and the little time-counter dings with joy. However, what also cracks me up is how it does not shy away from shaming you. If you, just theoretically of course, gain weight between workouts, it does a fantastic trombone "wuh-whoa" of failure. If you have a low score, your character will drop to its knees and pound the floor out of frustration. And it has this passive-aggressive way of commenting, "Been pretty busy, huh?" when you let too much time go between workouts.

But tonight takes the cake. The Wii fit greeted me and noted that the Texan's birthday is coming up (true - it's one week out, mark your calendars!). Then it asked, "Are you going to throw him a surprise party or anything?" GET YOUR NOSE OUT OF MY MARRIAGE, WII FIT!!! I will make sure he has a perfectly lovely birthday, I don't need you guilting me into anything.


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