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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The. Best. Show. EVER!

Excuse me while I hyperventilate a bit, but the best show EVER is on tonight. "The Amazing Race 6" (heretofore to be known as TAR6) starts up again this very evening.

This is the show that I always bring up when people sniff about reality TV. Granted, most of them suck *and* blow, but TAR isn't one of them. It's an extremely well-edited show that takes people with pre-existing relationships on a race around the world. They do an excellent job of incorporating the local culture into the various legs and, even better, are fantastic at showing a compelling story arc.

Plus, it's fun to see the various personalities emerge. You never know who you are going to hate with the white-hot intensity of 1000 suns (Charla and Myrna, I'm looking at you) or who will surprise you with how gracious and fabulous they are (who'd have thunk that two clowns from Barnum and Bailey would turn out to be such class acts?).

And if you like to travel, it's fun to see how people manage to totally fuck it up. Yelling at someone because they don't speak English ain't going to speed things up, nor can the FAA be argued with. Traveling can be such a dicey deal these days even when one million dollars (the prize money) isn't riding on it.

I've actually given quite a bit of thought of who I would team up with for this race. The trick is to pick someone who would give you guys a hook. My sister would be ideal, because we live on opposite sides of the country and could play up the whole getting to know each other as adults angle. However, she is not a very good flier and could only complete the various air voyages under heavy sedation, which does not bode well for her ability to actually race once the wheels hit the ground. My friend J-Dawg would be a close second choice because we could qualify as the childhood friends duo (and the hott chick duo too, right J-Dawg?). But, under her own admission, she gets a bit distressed when her sleep and grooming schedules are thrown off-balance, so again maybe this isn't for her. Then again, I don't know if I have it in me to bungee-jump or sky-dive, so it might be me proving to be the weak link.

Still doesn't keep me from loving the show. In fact, during the reign of TAR5, my friend Hot Pants Esq. and I fell into the routine of having a calm-down period Tuesday nights at 11. I would be frothing at the mouth at the always finger-biting end to TAR, and she would be wide-awake from her pottery class (the studio is around the corner from my house). So she'd come over for some beer and cigarettes. No exaggeration: I was finding it hard to sleep Tuesday nights, I'd be so wound up.

And TAR6 begins again. Can't wait! Expect to hear a lot about it. To be honest, I half-suspect that my last boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks into TAR5 because he couldn't take the continual recaps of past episodes and speculations about future ones. The next 13 weeks will be heaven for me and, I am sorry to say, quite annoying for you.


  • At 11:53 AM, Blogger Emily said…

    Hey lady! Nice blog!

    I'm thinking...OWAN amazing race??? We could be a team.

    I like reading what's going on with you. I've got one, too, though it's not really for public consumption yet. I'll keep you posted.



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