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Monday, November 08, 2004

Ain't no party like a SoCal party

So my friend J-Dawg is visiting from the best state of the union, California. She and I have known each other since we were five, and the mere fact that she's still willing to talk to me after having witnessed my horribly awkward teen years is a testament to her character. [No, really, I know that elementary school is kind to no one, but you should see my family's xmas card from 1985. The braces...the TIE (sweet jesus, what was I thinking?)...the white girl's fro. O the humanity.]

Anyways, it's been fun rattling around DC together. She used to live here, too, back when I was living in the House of Usher, so she knows the city and doesn't feel the need to hit the monuments.

Although I haven't had the full extent of her attention. Our first night out on the town, she made the acquaintance of a gentleman caller. It's cool, I'm happy she's having a fun time. But I don't think that the guy I met on Saturday night will prove to be as good as hers. There are many things that give me pause, but the biggest one is that when I gave him my number, neither of us had any paper, so he wrote down my name and number on a $20 in his wallet. I have visions of random strangers calling me up just for the fun of it. Now that I'm a swingle again, I did want to get back out into circulation, just not that way.

It may be a long cold winter. My only other prospect right now is a guy who failed what I term "The UPN Test." It turned out that I'd rather stay home on a Friday night and watch UPN than go out with him.

In less self-involved news, it looks like we've finally hit Fallouja, Iran might be willing to step back on its nuclear re-processing, and - in a major scoop on the front page of yesterday's Washington Post - Mexico is undergoing a burro shortage. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently burros had something of an image problem, so few Mexicans wanted to be associated with them. Now they're realizing that they do provide valuable service to the agriculture industry, so they're starting to import burros from Kentucky. A free beer to the first person who can tell me what in god's name is the difference between a donkey, a burro, and a mule. My friend Grits and I worked out that one of those animals is sterile, but after that, I'm clueless and the Post did nothing to relieve my ignorance on the matter.


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