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Thursday, November 04, 2004

So cold

Damn rain. My feel got completely soaked on the way in this morning. I'm sure that had nothing to do with the holes in my shoes. Mayhap I should buy a new pair of sneakers, otherwise this is going to be a long winter. I've been sitting in my office in my sock-feet, hoping that I can dry out before putting my boots on. Who says I don't have class?

This whole weather thing is highly overrated. Growing up in LA, you hear rumors of "rain" and "cold fronts," but you don't really see them too often. LA literally is a desert climate, which means it normally gets under 12 inches of rain a year. And that's in a good season: during my formative years in the 80s, LA was undergoing a drought. It was constantly there in the background, not unlike the threat of nuclear war. Just something you dealt with.

[Sidenote: when I was 12, an Aeromexico passenger jet collided with a twin-prop above my hometown, causing both to crash about a half mile from my house. Killed everyone on board and about a dozen people on the ground. When the planes were hurtling toward the ground, they let out a sound that is similar to what you hear in movies for a bomb dropping. It being the Cold War and all, I heard it and thought to myself, Huh. They're finally dropping the bomb on us. And I just waited for the impact - what else can you do? Kids today think they know terror...]

Where was I...oh yes, the all-so-important weather discussion. But seriously, people don't realize how much of a shock to the system it is when you realize that you have to wear a sweater *and* a jacket. In LA, it's one or the other. And I was 24 before I figured out that scarves had practical uses. I've been in DC for seven years now - practically a native at this point - and am still in shock at the change of seasons.

So, a very long-winded way of saying I can't wait until spring.


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