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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

If loving TAR is wrong...

... I don't want to be right. Last night's two-hour episode was up to the series' Emmy-winning (I swear I don't work for CBS) standards.

It usually takes a while for me to have a favorite team. It’s good that they whittle down the number of teams for the first few legs of the race. Having said that, I was sorry to see the two Noo Yawk guys go. They were actually pretty funny. The other teams seem to be fairly entertaining too – I think they did a good job of casting people who want to be there and are lively to boot. And I liked the two-hour episode because it allowed you to get to see all the teams – with 11 of them, usually a few fall by the wayside and you forget about them until they show up at the end.

The immediate team to hate is, of course, Jonathan and Victoria. Jonathan is an asswipe and Victoria is passive-aggressively allowing him to act like a manic and petulant four-year old. It was awesome, though, when they were in the boat trying to find the buoy and Victoria’s all, sit down, the guy steering the boat can’t see. And of course Jonathan says he can see just fine, then the guy goes, sir you’re going to have to sit down. HA.

And as always, the editors rocked. I loved how the team of models go, we’re used to traveling, so we know the intricacies of airports, and then go up to Air Canada to ask about flights to Iceland! Or the one team that’s saying the team in front of them is very nice, then they cut to that other team to see them talking smack about them. Or when they cut to the father walking out and rubbing snow on his bare chest, they were playing funky disco music. Best show ever.

It just amazes me that people still don’t check to see if their car takes diesel or gas, or that they won’t get a map and insist on following someone else. Those two girls who went an hour and a half in the wrong direction lucked out that there was an overnight scheduled. Haven't these people ever seen this show?

A brief aside: I've actually been to Iceland - did a long weekend there a few years back in January. It was colder in DC than it was there, but it was still pretty chilly (one particularly heinous half hour of shivering in a corrugated tin hut, waiting for the bus, stands out). I was laughing because there is no way to get lost on that island. There is exactly ONE road, and it circles all the way around. I did go snowmobiling, but I didn’t do anything scary like ice-climbing. We did make it to the Blue Lagoon, which is nice and warm but two things about it that you can’t see on TV: 1) it smells like rotten eggs. Guess it’s the natural gas that’s heating the water. 2) I don’t know what’s in that water, but it took me and my friend one week before we could run combs through our hair after dunking in the lagoon. I’ve since talked to other people who’ve also been there and they have had the same experience.


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