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Monday, December 06, 2004

A whole new world

One cool thing about dating people who are out of your normal social circles is that you get exposed to all sorts of new things, some good and some bad. Alors. Since the Marine is an enlisted officer, he has to live on the Marine barracks located in Southeast DC. Their metro is Eastern Market. As I have been informed several times over the past week, the Marines are older than the United States and thus the barracks are...230 years old? Something like that. Apparently they regularly make the lists of famous historical haunted places, something which I'm guessing isn't highlighted in the military's brochures.

The barracks look a lot like any college dorm, except for the massive locks on the cabinet doors in the rooms. Guess some people have sticky fingers. Although, to be honest, locks would've come in handy in the dorms. Also, every room has quite a few cans of sterilizing spray strewn around, something else which most dorm rooms should be equipped with too.

Saturday we ran a few errands, one of which took us to Full Metal Jacket, a military surplus store in Old Town Alexandria. The Marine wanted to sell a few things, so while he was negotiating with the store employees, I wandered around. GodDAMN military surplus clothing is cheap. They had lined winter coats available for $19. The second story of the store is all guns and ammo. At the risk of sounding naive, wow are guns expensive. The cheap hunting rifles were going for just under $1000. We didn't stay too long there because the whole place was giving me weird vibes. I think it's safe to say my worldview is vastly different from most of their typical shoppers. Plus everyone there was male, overweight, and unmarried - I could just imagine a weekend of paintball with the boys followed by, I don't know, an NRA social.

To cap off the day, we went to the PX to buy some booze. The Marines' PX actually sells Everclear. That shit is illegal in California, I was shocked to see it in a government store. We passed on that and got some middling-priced tequila instead (my fight with Jose Cuervo was long enough ago that I feel we can hang out again). Then we got some condoms, which were ridiculously cheap, but you can see the logic in that.

As I walked out of the PX, I thought, am I glad my mom can't see me now. I'm sure she'd be delighted to see her darling daughter hanging out on a Marine base, buying liquor and condoms. Klass-ee.


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