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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Change frightens me

No, seriously, it does. For being such a (relatively) young person, I find it quite discombobulating. I was desolate for weeks when The Economist switched type fonts.

So walking into Baja Fresh today and finding out that they've rearranged their menu board...not a happy camper. They did add some stuff to their menu - I enjoyed a delish lime chicken salad for lunch - but they took away the calorie counts for their food items, something which I appreciated and actually used from time to time. To add to the ignomy, they claim to be undergoing a tomato shortage due to hurricanes...somewhere, I forget, and thus pico de gallo can only be gotten by specifically asking for it. What up with that? How is it that this tomato shortage has not manifested itself elsewhere? I bet they're trying to stick it to their customers. Much like the "temporary" increases in DC cab fares in response to gas prices, I fear this will be a permanent part of my life. It's all a conspiracy. C-O-N-Spiracy!


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