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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Live to fight another day

Back from the interview. Despite it being with a scary ultraconservative network, both the producer and cameraman were firmly in my corner, so I think it went okay. However, who knows - maybe I'll be edited to be a drooling moron. More importantly, the scarf covered up my sins nicely, so all's well and all that.

However, I still have to work on my speaking skills. You'd think as a functioning adult, I'd have this down pat by now. I'm fine when conversing normally. But when I know I'm being recorded, there's some demon in my nervous system that causes me to stutter and slur like I'm on a five-day bender. I realize that talking heads are easy targets to mock - and I often do - but I must admit I admire those who can speak for 30 seconds without stumbling over big words or accidentally swearing (turns out Mom was right: vulgar language *is* for people with limited vocabularies).

Maybe tomorrow's training session will turn me around. I get to spend a day learning "communication skills", to be followed with an afternoon-long planning meeting that's chock-full of "break-out" sessions. Look for me slumped in the back, nursing stale coffee and a hangover. Unless the gods are kind and the event gets cancelled, I will see you on Monday.


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